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Automotive Supporting the advancement of automotive technology for gasoline, diesel, hybrid and fuel cell powered vehicles.

Automakers in Japan and overseas have a long history of relying on Kokoku’s diverse range of automotive components. Kokoku has always responded swiftly to changing times and the challenges they bring. As the need to protect our environment becomes increasingly urgent, Kokoku is once again playing an active role. Kokoku has already had great success in developing eco-friendly materials and components. Our efforts will continue to contribute to the realization of cleaner, more efficient automotive technologies.

Gasoline engine components:
Gasket; Head cover, Intake manifold, Throttle body, Injector, Oil filter & Water pump, etc…
Diaphragm; Variable intake, Canister, OPS, PCV, ASV & Fuel cut valve, etc…
Hose; Fuel, Purge, Vacuum sensing, Blow-by, Oil, LLC & Air breather, etc…
Hybrid vehicle components:
Pressure relief valve/plug for rechargeable batteries, Electric water pump seal & Gas tank valve, etc…
Fuel cell vehicle components:
Stack seal, Humidifier seal & hose, etc…
Diesel engine components:
Full floating head cover system, Inter-cooler hose, Standing wave rubber, Hybrid molded diaphragm for injector pump