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[As of the end of September, 2015]
1924 Takino Rubber Industry Co. established. Bicycle tire factory built in Mukojima, Tokyo.
1944 Kokoku Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. established by the merger of 5 rubber companies with Takino Rubber at the center.
1949 Kambara Factory established in Shizuoka Prefecture, starting production of industrial rubber components.
1950 Sales office established in Okachimachi, Tokyo.
1953 Akabane Factory established in Kita-ku, Tokyo.
1957 Emphasis shifted from bicycle tires to industrial components.
R&D Center established within Akabane Factory.
1961 Kambara Factory expanded. (Currently Shizuoka Rubber)
Started extruding hoses at Mukojima Factory.
1963 Headquarters moved from Sumida-ku to Okachimachi, Taito-ku.
1965 Ohama Factory established in Shizuoka Prefecture.
1966 Started the move towards high function component manufacturing.
1968 Utsunomiya Factory established in Tochigi Prefecture.
1969 Tire tube production discontinued.
1970 Full-scale production of medical components started at Ohama Factory.
1972 Diaphragm production started at Akabane Factory.
1974 Osaka Sales Office was established in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka.
1976 Headquarters moved to Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku.
1977 Production of "Electro-conductive Rubber Material" started.
1979 R&D Center became independent with relocation to Inamachi, Saitama.
1980 Distribution Center established in Urawa, Saitama.
New factory established at current location in Kambara.
EPDM keyboard contact "TF Rubber" material production started at Kambara.
Electro-conductive Plastic "DEP" material developed at R&D Center.
1983 Los Angeles Sales Office established.
1985 Chicago Sales Office established.
R&D Center became an independent corporation "Kokoku Rubber Technologies Co., Ltd."
Electronic Device Research Lab established in Yoga, Tokyo, developing pressure-sensitive electro-conductive rubber material.
Nagoya Sales Office established.
1986 Kokoku Rubber Inc. established in USA.
1988 Kentucky Factory established in Richmond, KY.
1989 Eno Scientific Foundation established under the auspices of Japanese Ministry of Education.
First OEM graphic computer sold under My First Sony brand name.
1990 Hard drive components production started.
1991 Rechargeable battery safety valve production started at Ohama Factory.
1992 Name changed to Kokoku Intech Co., Ltd.
1994 Thai Kokoku Rubber Co., Ltd. established in Thailand.
1995 Singapore Branch established.
Ayutthaya Factory established in Thailand.
1996 Photo copier transfer belt production started at Kambara Factory.
1998 Tochigi Rubber Co., Ltd. established by the acquisition of Takino Rubber.
1999 Shizuoka Rubber Co., Ltd. established by spin-off from Kambara Factory.
2000 Color laser printer intermediate transfer belt production started at Ohama Factory.
2001 Kokoku (Shanghai) Precision Rubber Co., Ltd. established in China.
2005 Ayutthaya No. 2 Factory - dedicated for extrusion process - established in Thailand.
2007 Bangkok Sales Office established in Thailand.
New Delhi Branch established in India.
2009 Kokoku Intech India Pvt.Ltd. established in India.
2011 Neemrana Factory established in India.
2013 PT. Jakarta Kokoku Intech established in Indonesia.
2016 Fukuoka Sales Office established.
Nong Khae Factory established in Thailand.